We are providing the efficient services to you. Whitefield provides the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. Switch today to Whitefield.!
Over 250 Digital Channels
Get more movies, sports, cultural programming and classics, like you’ve never had before.
Movie Zone
Enjoy your favourite movies, series and special events available on our channels in crystal clear digital picture and sound.
CD-quality, Commercial-free Music
Enjoy music, lots of music! Played on your television, you’ll be able to create instant mood and ambience at the push of a button 24 hours a day. In the future, a push of a button will even order the CD for you!
Digital Quality Picture & Sound
Our network sets a new standard in video and audio delivery to the home. See digital crispness. Hear digital clarity. Whether you connect your Digital Cable through a home theatre system, or simply through an ordinary television, you’ll appreciate the difference digital quality makes. And you’ll enjoy it without the weather interference problems of satellite services.
No Unsightly Dish or Weather Interference
Whitefield Communication is hardwired right into your home through your existing Cable connection for consistently clear viewing, unlike satellite dishes, which are affected by weather conditions. Plus, you won’t have to install an unsightly dish on your home.
CAS stands for conditional access system, which is a digital mode of transmitting TV channels trough a set-top box (STB). The transmission signals are encrypted and viewers need to buy a set-top box to receive and decrypt the signal. The STB is required to watch only pay channels, not free-to-air channels, like Doordarshan.

Fully-interactive Channel Guide
Our easy-to-use, on-screen Interactive Channel Guide puts you in the driver’s seat with control and convenience. It’s totally customizable to your viewing lifestyle and offers incredible search flexibility. You can scan the schedule for all listings and descriptions for the next three days. Search by time, by program type, by channel type. Find any program easily and quickly by punching in the first few letters of the title. Browse other channel listings without missing a second of the program you are watching. You can even set reminders for later in the day or week, so you never forget to catch your favorite show.

Advantages of CAS

  • For viewers: Under, CAS viewers can watch only what they would like to watch, than what the cable operator has on offer. Subscribers save money they now spend on unnecessary channels. They will get better transmission (because of the use of optic fibre instead of metal cables). The cable operators will no longer have any control over the pricing of channels.
  • For broadcasters: It benefits broadcasters as they always had to grapple with the issue of cable operators not declaring the actual number of subscribers, and hence suffering losses. With CAS, they can find out the exact number of subscribers with a cable operator.
  • For cable TV operators: They need to pay a part of the subscription fees to the broadcasters only for the actual number of end users who opt for the channel. This allows operators to price their channels according to their popularity.
  • For advertisers: It gives a far more accurate indicator of programme popularity with only the actual subscribers of each channel being accounted for.
Standard Definition Set Top Box
  • Digital service
  • Stereo Sound
  • Crystal clear picture
  • Maximum channels
High Definition Set Top Box
  • High definition picture
  • HD boxes with recording facility
  • More HD channels
  • Supports 5.1 audio system
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