Terms and Conditions

1. WCPL shall perform its obligations and do inspection under this agreement including collection of subscription charges, deposits, rents, either through its employees or through its author cable operator any other authorized representative.

2. The parties acknowledge that Whitefield Communication is the sole owner of the STB and has permitted WCPL to deploy the same to the subscriber.

3. This Agreement shall be in force of a minimum period of three years during which the end subscriber promises to avail CATV signals of cable services only from WCPL and will not change C signals and services of WCPL without a written consent.

4. The subscriber hereby authorizes WCPL and /or its subsidiaries/affiliates to broadcast :advertisements and promotional contents on their network.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

For any change, addition, deletion, substitution, modification of the subscribed service, the subscriber shall submit the requisite for together with the applicable processing fee/charge least five days in advance to enable processing of the same and be bound by the additional terms as may be applicable. Any change or withdrawal from the subscriber sen./ice shall entitle the subscriber to any refunds or adjustments of the money already paid, billed or to be billed under the terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

1. The subscriber shall be provided a VC to enable the subscriber to use WCPL’s services ,subject to the compliance of the terms and conditions of this agreement .including any modification alterations, additions, substitution therein, from time to time. The VC Card number should not be shared to any other.
2. We collect, use and are responsible for certain personal data about you.

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